Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Updates on board applications

YNPN San Diego had a GREAT first Board of Directors meeting which I will blog about more later, but for now, I wanted to let you all know a brief update to our board application process.

Through the end of 2008 we will not be accepting any new board members, BUT we will still be taking applications. We are about to have a total of 12 board members and have decided to wait on bringing on any new folks until this group has settled in, worked together, and created a foundation. Please continue to send in your board applications and we will review them for our next cycle of board members. More details to come.

As for committee applications (same form as the board application online). We will continue to accept these on an on-going basis right now. There is no change at this time. Once we have committees up and running (more details to come on this as well), committees will individually be reviewing and accepting committee applications.

SO...if you are some one who is interested in the board and committee work, we will hold off on accepting your application for the board until our next cycle, but we will review your application for committee work as soon as possible.

THANKS to everyone for your patience as YNPN San Diego develops its processes and structure. We hope that all of our efforts to establish clear processes and structure help to better serve the YNPN San Diego members. Please post your questions and comments about the board application process here.

~Emily "Ed" Davis, Board Chair, YNPN San Diego

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