Monday, July 12, 2010

July Encores of the Month

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have a job to share?

At YNPN San Diego we want to remind all of our members that sharing job openings through the YNPN San Diego network is a great way to bring interest to your organization along with lots of great candidates! You can use the YNPN San Diego network in many ways:

  1. Post the YNPNSD listserv (nearly 600 individuals) by emailing the job posting to
  2. Post to our LinkedIn job board
  3. Post the link on our Facebook Page
There are also plenty of resources locally and nationally where you can look for a job and post jobs. You'll find a nice list of these links on our website under the Career Resources page. Some of our favorite spots to look for and post jobs include:
If you're looking for a job nothing beats networking and building personal relationships within the community - if people know you personally you have a better chance of getting that job you want. Of course, gaining experience where you might have gaps in skills always helps too! YNPN San Diego is always looking for board and committee members who are looking to develop their skills while helping to contribute to our organization - be part of the movement!

Has a job posting led with YNPN San Diego led to your finding a job or filling a position? Share the news hear and let us know!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A First Hand Look at the Self Care Workshop

Growing up with both parents working, I've experienced first hand the work / life balance and the decisions and choices people make to create this balance. When I first entered the work force (in Corporate America) I thought I understood the theory behind this balance - meaning I would dedicate time to work and then time to myself separately, creating a balanced life. However, when I transitioned to the nonprofit sector and discovered the passion I could have for work, that work / life balance theory wasn't as clear to me anymore.

What happens when you love what you do and the line between work and life isn't clearly defined? Working for Volunteer San Diego and living out the mission of meaningful service outside of work hours made me start rethinking the theory. When talking to my fellow young nonprofit professional peers, they were experiencing this too: the blur of balance. How can something balance when there aren't defined things to balance?

When the idea to partner with the Red Lotus Society for the Self Care YNPNSD Professional Development Workshop came up, I got really excited! Then I met Dave Macek (Executive Director of Red Lotus Society and Facilitator of upcoming Self Care Workshop) for the first time and the ideas between him and our Professional Development Committee just started flowing. It was obvious this was a hot topic and bringing our peers together to share and create a holistic approach to self care was guaranteed to be a workshop I would not want to miss.

At our upcoming workshop, we will engage in a unique dialogue on the importance of self care; break through any obstacles preventing you to creating a healthier and happier YOU; and identify small steps to take you in that direction while sharing resources and tips of successful self care practices.

I'm looking forward to sharing ideas with you all and continuing to build on my own personal self care and live a life I love in work, play, family, friends and more.

Many thanks to Jaci Feinstein for her contribution to this blog post!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Learn About YNPNSD's Meet and Greet Committee

After joining YNPN San Diego in early 2010, I wanted to discover more about the organization and meet some of its members. I decided to go to my first Meet & Greet (The YNPNSD Birthday Bash in April 2010) where I hoped to meet other nonprofit enthusiasts. As soon as I arrived, the members of the Meet & Greet Committee welcomed me and even introduced me to other YNPNSD members. Everyone was very warm, friendly, and I immediately felt part of the group. I found the La Jolla Karl Strauss to be a great venue because of the outdoor patio and the mellow, happy hour atmosphere. I felt really comfortable meeting other people who are passionate about nonprofits, and I found the networking experience to be very rewarding. I highly encourage all YNPNSD Members and Non-Members to take advantage of other Meet & Greet events in the future. Have thoughts or questions? Leave them here!

-Natacha Tullier