Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet and Greet Planning from Emily Bhatti

Emily Bhatti, this month's YNPN San Diego Meet and Greet Coordinator and Board Member, has this to say about planning the event TONIGHT! For more information on Emily Bhatti or the Meet and Greet tonight, visit the YNPN San Diego website.

"The program committee for the Meet and Greet has been awesome. It is always a little scary going into a group of people you don't know because you are never sure how things will work. The committee has been full of great ideas and really willing to work. When we started, it seemed like we had so much time to get things done. Then all at once things need to be decided and it got a little hairy. Luckily everything worked out with a great venue. And so far, it looks like we've gotten great response from the nonprofit community! I'm so excited about the event tonight but still a little anxious because it's an event and you never know what will happen."

What are your thoughts, feedback, feedback, or words of encouragement for Emily and the rest of the YNPN San Diego crew? Post them here!

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