Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blog post: Robert Egger Visit and the V3 Campaign

Last Friday, a small group of YNPN San Diego members had a rare and special opportunity to meet with Robbert Egger, founder of the DC Central Kitchen, Nonprofit Congress, and now the V3 Campaign. The excitement and the inspiration in the room was palpable as Robert shared with us his story of stumbling into the nonprofit sector from being a night club owner. His crisp honesty and humor was incredibly refreshing and I hope that YNPN San Diego members have an additional opportunity to meet with him.

His investment in the next generation (however you may define that) is amazing! A boomer leader who is able to connect the vision of the various generations and move us forward together. In discovering that unity, he also uncovered a common cause that all nonprofits have and created the V3 Campaign. The three V's stand for "Voice" "Vote" and "Value. Take a few minutes to send a message to all the are not signing up for anything, but you are taking part in a movement to support the nonprofit sector.

"The V3 Campaign will make the voice of the nonprofit sector heard, its value realized, and its votes counted in every election in America by inauguration day, January 20, 2017. Your work - the issues you care about - will only be addressed when we stand together. We need you to help us ask every candidate for higher office to outline their plans to strengthen the nonprofit sector. The time is now."

The nonprofit sector has a powerful, untapped voice that needs to be heard and considered by politicians. We are under-represented for all the work we do and assets we hold. If you considered the economic impact of the nonprofit sector, we would be the seventh largest country in the world, so why aren't candidates laying out their plans to support our work??? The corporate and government sectors wouldn't stand for it and now we need to STAND UP and take action...THIS IS NOT is action to protect our values, our voices, and our vote! To get an up close and personal (not to mention humorous) account of what I mean, watch the V3 video here.

You can find out more about Robert Egger, the DC Central Kitchen, Nonprofit Congress, and V3 Campaign here and on YNPN San Diego's Facebook group and V3's Facebook group. We at YNPN SD have offered to help Robert raise awareness about the V3 Campaign and encourage all YNPN members to sign up for their Facebook Group and participate at the V3 Campaign website.

THANK YOU again to, Robert, for supporting the YNPN community and the nonprofit sector. His innovation is truly an inspiration to us all. can also find Robert as one of the YNPN San Diego Friends on Facebook!

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