Monday, December 22, 2008

YNPN Dec 08 Meet and Greet a Success!

From board member, Emily Bhatti...

I wasn’t sure if doing a Meet and Greet in December would be such a good idea. I thought it would be great to get another one in before the end of the year, but people are so busy in December. Sometimes, it is amazing how things fall into place...

With a location secured within the first week of planning, things moved along very smoothly and I am thrilled with the results. We had a great time and I have heard so many positive comments that I know it was worth it. It is also getting easier to do these after having a couple of these events under the belt. You work out the kinks on the timeline/task sheet and people step up and things come together before you know it. The Palm was a great host and even provided some food and a fantastic staff.

I am really looking forward to next year. In January, the Meet and Greet Committee will be meeting to plan a calendar for all 2009 events. It’s a great opportunity to get everyone involved, everyone’s input, and plan far enough in advance so everyone can have it on their calendar. This is clearly something that the San Diego nonprofit community needs and it’s great to have such a positive response to these events.

THANK YOU to all of our in-kind donors and supporters!!!

To learn more about the Meet and Greet Committee, visit the YNPN San Diego website. To see pictures from the December Meet and Greet click here. We look forward to seeing you in 2009!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Dedications? Share your feedback here!

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