Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YNPN Board Member Feedback

Board Member, Megan Lim, shares feedback about YNPN:

I’ve been in the fortunate position to be hiring a position at work right now. Reading over resumes, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of people who list YNPN San Diego on their resume. Particularly impressive are those individuals who are Committee members (automatically indicating a certain level of commitment) and translate their volunteer responsibilities at YNPN into examples they can talk about in an interview regarding projects in which they hold a leadership position or have overcome a challenge.
I know YNPN San Diego Committees are currently recruiting. Check them out on the website. If you do happen to be currently looking for work, substantive volunteer work is a great place to spend some time. You’ll grow your network and develop some new skills you can take to your next interview.

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