Monday, January 4, 2010

Rocking the New Year--Nonprofit Governance Symposium

It's not too late to register!

Leadership doesn't wait long to start the year off right! On January 8 and 9, many leaders, both new and experienced, will be joining together at USD for the 6th Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium where the 4th Kaleidescope Award for Exceptional Governance will be presented.

The atmosphere of the event seems invigorating and innovative--we would expect nothing less from such great leaders! The Symposium uses language from the ever-popular foodie world to describe the seminars being offered. No creative young mind could pass on ordering an opportunity to attend "Gourmet Cooking on a Budget" for fundraising conversation or "Picking the right Utensils" for the low-down on designing the best government model and its lifecycle!

To top it off with a juicy cherry, The San Diego Foundation has been amazingly supportive of YNPN San Diego and other nonprofits and has offered 10 scholarships to the event to support organizations that are members of BetterGiving, "a resource to help you find, learn and give to San Diego nonprofits. Because of the San Diego Foundation, you will see some Board Members (including myself) from YNPN and members of a number of other San Diego nonprofits in attendance.

See you there!

Jessica Rodgers
Board Member since October '09

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