Thursday, May 6, 2010

YNPNSD Tools You Can Use: Social Media

Joining any membership organization is exciting: it affords fresh opportunities, introduces you to new people, and teaches you special skills. YNPN San Diego more than covers all these bases, and goes beyond the average organization by offering a wide array of levels of participation and involvement. In this monthly feature, I will review YNPNSD’s member benefits. If you have a specific topic or question, feel free to ask me, or you can contact Emily Davis or Jessica Rodgers, Member Relations Committee Co-Chairs for more detailed information.

Social media has no doubt changed the landscape of communications, and often making the determination of how to best get involved (while also putting forth your own best brand identity) can be difficult. Using online networking as both a social and professional tool, YNPNSD bridges the gap for members while making it easy to be a stakeholder in the organization. The list of environments available includes Twitter, LinkedIn, and the ever-popular Facebook page. The listserv has 585 subscribers (!), and the email digests include resources like job leads and event notifications. Finally, blog contributors post monthly features on new board members, donor highlights, and comprehensive emerging leader resources.

Beyond joining groups, it is easy to become a contributor to offer ideas. The interactive aspect—where online networking meets real-world involvement—comes in each time you choose to read more information, follow up on a fun event lead, or donate to a community organization. Choosing to be a part of YNPNSD can take many forms, and joining the networking community is just one of them. The possibility of getting a new job, meeting fun people, and growing your own skill set is all neatly contained within these different social media avenues. Don’t let me tell you, though—judge for yourself.

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