Monday, August 23, 2010

Donor Spotlight: Kimmi Long by Danielle Reyes-Acosta

Danielle: What attracted you to YNPN San Diego and our last program?

Kimmi: The thing that attracted me to YNPN San Diego is that there is nothing like it in our entire county! What keeps me coming back are opportunities to grow and learn like the workshops and the amazing networking opportunities that YNPN San Diego makes possible.

Danielle: What prompted you to give to YNPN San Diego for the first time?

Kimmi: As soon as I attended an event, I saw the immense value in both experience I would gain and people I would meet through YNPN San Diego and I donated what I could on the spot.

Danielle: How are you involved with the San Diego nonprofit community?

Kimmi: I have worked with a variety of nonprofits throughout San Diego County, many focused on helping homeless youth and then the peripheral groups working to help raise money for the core organizations. I've been a founder and Executive Director (ED) of an nonprofit organization (NPO) here in San Diego, a grant writer, a public relations liaison, a volunteer at over 50 fundraising and program events during the past eight years, as well as worn many other hats to help out whenever I could. The list of NPOs I've helped out with include, but aren't limited to: YNPN San Diego (of course!), Surfrider Foundation San Diego, Stone Brewing annual fundraiser (five years), Ivey Ranch Riding program for kids with autism and other challenges, Second Chance, StandUp for Kids, The Monarch School and San Diego Youth Services.

Danielle: What was the most creative development workshop in which you have ever participated?

: Danielle, I'm horrified to admit that I have not yet participated in one of the workshops! I have been to many of the networking events and then with my commitment to Member Relations Committee over the past two years, I haven't yet had time to also do a workshop!

Danielle: How did you initially become involved in YNPN San Diego, and how do you see its programs as playing a role in the development of other young professionals?

Kimmi: I was looking all over for a support system and set of resources as I began the journey as founder and ED (and everything else) for the NPO I was starting eight years ago (The Grom Project.) There was nothing to be found...until several years later I came across Emily Davis who was starting YNPN San Diego. I've been a devout member ever since! The YNPN San Diego programs that exist and ones that are in the making are all about connecting young nonprofit professionals not only with each other, but also with seasoned nonprofit leaders in our community. That is incredible on both counts and really helps the younger generation not only learn and grow, but feel really comfortable with the idea of true collaboration and cooperation. I believe such collaboration on projects, events and even with grant opportunities will truly help build an incredibly strong San Diego nonprofit community.

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