Friday, December 9, 2011

YNPNSD and giveBIG San Diego

For the first time ever, YNPN San Diego is participating in the San Diego Foundations giveBIG San Diego fundraising drive.  Aimed at supporting San Diego-area nonprofit organizations, this 36-hour event begins December 14, 2011, to match every donation between $25 and $10,000.  This tax-deductible donation makes a great holiday gift, and stretches your dollars further since our events--both for professional development and networking--will directly benefit the next generation of emerging leaders in San Diego.

You can participate by visiting Between 7am December 14 to 7pm December 15. 

Read the details from the San Diego Foundation below:

About giveBIG San Diego

The San Diego Foundation is pleased to announce an innovative way to recognize and support the positive work of local nonprofits in the San Diego community. Beginning December 14th 2011, we will be hosting our first-ever giveBIG San Diego match day initiative. During a 36-hour period, the public will have an opportunity to make online donations to any of nearly 400 nonprofits in San Diego which have a completed BetterGiving portrait, and the Foundation will match organization donation totals in a pro-rated amount. Here’s how the event will work:
  • From 7 AM PST, December 14th to 7 PM PST, December 15th, the public will be able to make a donation on our customized giveBIG event webpage to any nonprofit organization which has a published BetterGiving portrait.
  • Donors chose their donation amount, with a minimum gift starting at $25.
  • The minimum gift is $25. The Foundation will match, on a pro-rated basis, the total of donations made during the 36-hour period. However, only amounts between $25-$10,000 will count towards the match. For any single gift greater than $10,000, only the first $10,000 will be considered for matching funds. In addition, credit card gifts will be eligible for the match pool to the value of actual donations prior to deduction for the fees.
What does pro-rated mean? This means that the percentage in which The Foundation will match donations will depend upon the total match pool amount as well as the total of donations raised during the event. If our match pool is $125,000 and the total of all eligible gifts raised during giveBIG is $500,000, then the pro-rated match will be $.25 on the dollar.
Other markets who have had match days typically average $.15-$.30 on the dollar.
  • Each nonprofit should receive one (1) check totaling all donation(s) and match money, minus the 6% credit card transaction and processing fees charged by the bank and processing company, within 21 days of the event’s end.
  • Each gift is 100% tax-deductible and irrevocable. All donations will be granted for unrestricted use by the chosen charities.

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