Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vote with Your Mission this November!

Vote with Your Mission This November!
by Efrem Bycer

Nonprofits are powerful forces for good. These organizations expand educational opportunities for at-risk youth, protect the environment, support the elderly, and so much more. Today, the nonprofit sector generates about 10% of the United States’ GDP, employs over 10 million people, and impacts the lives of tens of millions more. 

That makes us as the staff, board members, volunteers and donors who care about nonprofits and their missions a powerful voice in every community and across the country. Periodically, we get to exercise this voice in the most meaningful of ways—we  VOTE!

Our elected officials and the policies they support shape our world in profound ways, often with long-term implications. This election year is certainly no exception with politicians on both sides, and in the middle, campaigning with policies that will affect the causes we care so much about. 

The stakes are too high for us to remain on the sidelines. That’s why YNPN San Diego has signed on the Vote with Your Mission Campaign. We need to make sure our voices are heard at all levels of government. We need to VOTE!

How can you join our campaign? Join our charge by going to the Facebook event and joining us. Once you join, post about the campaign and invite your friends and coworkers. Research shows social media increases voter turnout, especially among younger voters. The more people who go to ballot box, the better.

How can your organization join VWYM? Visit the VWYM Campaign page on CalNonprofit’s website. It takes just five minutes to sign up and they have all the resources you need. 

How can I register to vote? Visit your state’s elections page. California residents can visit the Secretary of State’s page to download a voter registration form. You can also apply for a mail-in ballot. 

How can I learn more about the issues? Read the news! Independent Sector, The Nonprofit Quarterly, The National Council of Nonprofits, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy are great resources. We’ll also be posting information on our event page. YNPN San Diego is also hosting a series of events in October. Visit for all the information. 

Our missions need us to cast a ballot this November. Don’t let them down.

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