Monday, September 22, 2008

Fieldstone Foundation: Executive Learning Group

Today I had the opportunity to meet Janine Mason, Executive Director of the Fieldstone Foundation. The Fieldstone Foundation's mission is to provide grants, leadership development, and service to non-profit organizations working to support people in our communities.

The Executive Learning Group is a series of monthly one-day seminars over a six-month period, a select group of executives learn state-of-the-art nonprofit management models as they work through specific problems and issues of their own. Guided by an organizational specialist, the Executive Learning Group provides the rare opportunity for nonprofit leaders to meet in a confidential and supportive environment. In this atmosphere of trust, they are able to overcome their sense of isolation and discover new resources in shared experiences and directed learning modules. Topics covered include the seven S's of effective organizations, effective group problem solving approaches, and how to build a learning organization.

Each fast-moving seminar is broken into five sessions:

  • The presentation of a current problem by two members, which the group will work to clarify and then to develop solutions.
  • Discussion of the real-world effectiveness of solutions worked out at the previous meeting.
  • A resource sharing period, the results of which are compiled in a take-home resource guide.
  • A presentation and discussion by the facilitator or another expert on a particular management model or topic requested by the group.
  • A group evaluation of the day and how the group can improve its usefulness to one another.

The cost is $350 per person, with all other costs underwritten by The Fieldstone Foundation. Each Learning Group is selected from among the applicants to achieve a balance among size of organization and individual experience. Groups are formed annually. Available in Orange County and San Diego Counties in Southern California, and in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you would like to participate in the program or have any questions, please contact Robin Stropko or click here to Request additional information.

This is an OUTSTANDING opportunity for emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector here in San Diego and the application for 2009 is now open. We at YNPN San Diego encourage members to contact the Fieldstone Foundation for more details!

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