Monday, September 15, 2008

YNPN SD Membership Committee positions open!

Caitlyn McTaggart is one of the founding board members of YNPN San Diego and is now the chair of the Membership Committee. Read below for exciting details about the future efforts of this great committee!!

From Caitlyn...

Have you ever wondered how you can give back to your community, while simultaneously networking with your peers and ensuring that the needs of San Diego’s young nonprofit professionals are fulfilled? If so, we have a great opportunity for you.

YNPN San Diego is embarking on a very exciting venture—the development of its Membership Committee. As the Chair of the Membership Committee, I strongly believe that the success of YNPN San Diego is ultimately dependent on the size and diversity of our membership base. Since becoming an YNPN San Diego board member four months ago, I have seen time and time again the potential of YNPN San Diego to impact the lives of hundreds of nonprofit professionals throughout the community through networking, career and professional development opportunities. However, the key to making this kind of impact upon the community is having a strong membership base. That is why at YNPN San Diego, membership is our top priority.

The responsibilities of the Membership Committee offer committee members great diversity in projects to get involved with, as well as the opportunity to directly impact our members and the community at large. The YNPN San Diego Membership Committee will not only oversee member relations, but will be responsible for the chapter’s fundraising, technology and marketing activities, as well. A few of the exciting projects we will be working on include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and maintaining various vehicles by which to enhance communication with our members, such as a brochure, quarterly newsletters and weekly blog postings.
  • Developing a marketing strategy for YNPN San Diego to ensure that we are effectively reaching potential members.
  • Developing fundraising strategies including sponsor benefit levels for organizations interested in partnering with YNPN San Diego.
  • Planning and implementing an annual membership appreciation event, by which to recognize and appreciate our members.

Although this Committee is tasked with many projects, it will undoubtedly be a fun and exciting opportunity that you will NOT want to miss out on! The time commitment is minimal, particularly when compared to the impact that you will have on the nonprofit community here in San Diego.

So far I have recruited a small handful of people to help with the committee, but I need MANY more members to ensure that our member communication, fundraising and technology efforts are as effective as possible. I encourage each of you to consider making a difference in the community and joining the Membership Committee today!

If you are interested, or would like additional information about the Membership Committee, please visit the YNPN San Diego website to see the full Membership Committee description and fill out a committee application

OR contact YNPN San Diego at

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