Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Board Member Spotlight: Cynthia Skogerboe

What are your roles within the nonprofit community (staff, volunteer, philanthropist, etc.)?

My passion lies in raising people out of poverty. I’ve tried to shape my various roles in the community to reflect this passion at different levels by involvement with local and international relief efforts, literacy and education, and the infrastructure support organizations that assist the sector.

I am currently on staff as the Senior Staff Manager and a Consultant with NP Strategies and in addition to financially supporting NP Strategies and YNPN San Diego, my husband and I tithe to our church, provide a monthly sponsorship for a boy living in Malawi through Children of the Nations.

Tell us about how you’re currently involved with YNPN San Diego.

Since joining YNPN San Diego, I’ve been a Co-Chair for the Board Development Committee, an internal Advisory Board Committee that drives the Board recruitment, assessment and strategic planning for the organization. Most recently, I serve as Advisory Board Treasurer, working with Volunteer San Diego and our Executive Team to manage financial reporting and oversight.

What advice would you give emerging leaders who are interested in the nonprofit sector?

Focus on your interests. So often the advice is to just ‘dive in,’ but oftentimes, whether looking for a new job, volunteer position or even in giving, it’s easy to get pulled in a million different directions and spread yourself (and your resources) thin. Just as it’s important for organizations to clarify vision, mission and values to ensure successful growth, so too should you have a personal (or family) vision, mission and values you refer to in decision-making. Then, it’s easier to focus your time, treasure and talent on those things you care most about. It’s bound to prove a more successful engagement in the long run, provide deeper levels of satisfaction and prevent burn-out!

Just for fun – what’s the best joke you’ve ever heard?

Best joke? Too tough. How about most recent joke compliments to my sister:
Q: Where does the King keep his armies?
A: Up his sleevies.


PHEW! Cynthia is DEFINITELY out in the community. If that's not enough, she also donates her time and/or treasures to:

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