Sunday, September 11, 2011

Highlight: Classy Awards Nominee for Young Nonprofit Leader of the Year, Meg Storer

Meg Storer has been a part of 2-1-1 San Diego for 8 years, helping to brand it and support its growth from a 1.5  million dollar budget to its current 4.5 million dollar budget. Meg started with completing the CPUC application, organizing events, outreach, press releases and building relationships in the community from Qualcomm to city managers. Those relationships have since flourished, with giving from some of San Diego’s top foundations, individuals and corporations. While Meg has built 2-1-1′s annual event from having 300 to more than 650 attendees, she has also worked to bring awareness of the 2-1-1 service to the thousands of nonprofits that need to be connected to better serve our community.

Meg Storer first came to 2-1-1 when it was located in a small shop with a few folks on the phones, taking calls from hard-pressed individuals needing help and not knowing where to turn. Meg played a major role with the launch of 2-1-1 in 2005, writing and sending press releases to convey the message of what 2-1-1 is, responding to media inquiries about this new organization, and conducting outreach at events. Meg then moved into the role of ensuring that 2-1-1 staff gave accurate referrals via her position as Quality Assurance Manager. CEO John Ohanian recognized Meg’s tremendous efforts to spread the word and promoted Meg to Communications and Development Manager. 

In this position, Meg helped to re-brand the organization, building out an entirely new website, managing the development of 2-1-1 social media, managing the needs of the Board of Directors, being the “handler” for the 2-1-1 CEO, and writing grants to support the organizations operations and new special programs, which she simultaneously assisted in building out. Meg is known for “getting it done” no matter what the effort. Her current passion lies with helping 2-1-1 develop its current partnership with other organizations to grow its military and veterans program, a program Meg finds very dear to her heart because of her own experience as a military wife. She knows the isolation one can feel when you don’t know where to turn when your loved one is abroad, and she uses those emotions as fuel to help 2-1-1 and its special programs thrive more than ever.

Thanks to our partner, StayClassy, and best of luck to Meg.  Visit the Stay Classy site to get tickets for the September 17 awards ceremony.

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