Friday, September 16, 2011

YNPNSD and IdeaEncore: Working Together

Lately you might have noticed that our blog is featuring a new guest contributor representing the IdeaEncore Network.  We have been partnering with the San Diego-based IdeaEncore Network for a while now (you might remember their contributions featured in our now-quarterly newsletter), and as they have grown, we've welcomed the opportunity to share educational resources with this community stakeholder.

Establishing a connection with IdeaEncore is important to us not only because they have a collection of great resources to share, but also because their vested interest in both growing and grooming the next generation of nonprofit leaders means that their mission aligns with our own.

IdeaEncoreNetwork is an online learning marketplace for nonprofits to share, buy, and sell information resources such as policies, presentations, plans, and templates that improve their effectiveness and efficiency. It is a community of people like you who have been through situations like yours.  It is a place where nonprofit professionals share, buy, and sell tools and resources that improve effectiveness and efficiency.  By aligning individual and organizational incentives, including earned income, we reduce “reinvention of the wheel” and increase both the social and financial return on philanthropic investment.

Sharing your experience and documents helps emerging and experienced nonprofit professionals the world over by saving them and their organizations time and money.  When you share with IdeaEncore, you have the opportunity to generate earned income for your organization by selling resources that you’ve created.   

Scott Bechtler-Levin, President of IdeaEncore, stated “All of us can benefit from sharing what we have learned with each other.  And the credibility and recognition can really help emerging nonprofit leaders establish themselves.”

It’s free to create an account, and 90% of resources are free to download.  Unlike Idealware, another resource-driven site, IdeaEncore is a crowdsourced platform that facilitates its users own personal and professional growth in the resource-sharing process.  Learn more here, and let us know what other resources you use for knowledge management.  

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