Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meet the Board: Emily Bhatti

What are your roles within the nonprofit community (staff, volunteer, philanthropist, etc.)?

I am the Coordinator, Corporate & Institutional Giving at the San Diego Museum of Art, I've been on the YNPN SD Advisory board for the last two years and Co Chair of the Meet and Greet Committee.

Tell us about a great experience you have had with YNPN San Diego.

I love being the co-chair of the Meet and Greet Committee because it gives me the opportunity to use skills that I don't use in my day job. Being involved in a YNPN committee is great way to learn and gain new experiences... I think the variety keeps me excited about what I'm doing. Meet and Greets are also a great way to meet new people and form partnerships with other nonprofits.

Name a person or resource that has helped you in your nonprofit career and why.

YNPN was a great resource for me when I was laid-off from my job. With the connections I made through YNPN, I had people sending me job postings pretty regularly (plus the listserv and career resource page on the website). My YNPN friends were very supportive. I also think that you should never underestimate the board of directors of your organization. They can be great resources as well. Their backgrounds in for-profit business can be a vital perspective in your nonprofit and your career.

Just for fun – what was the last dream you had?

I have a hard time remembering my dreams but the last one I remember: I was trying to get to work but for some reason I didn't have a car and so I had to ride my son's tricycle.
Emily Bhatti has been part of YNPN San Diego since our inception and will be transitioning off the board in the coming month. We are indebted to her leadership and passion for YNPN San Diego. Thank you for all that you have done!!!

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