Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have a job to share?

At YNPN San Diego we want to remind all of our members that sharing job openings through the YNPN San Diego network is a great way to bring interest to your organization along with lots of great candidates! You can use the YNPN San Diego network in many ways:

  1. Post the YNPNSD listserv (nearly 600 individuals) by emailing the job posting to
  2. Post to our LinkedIn job board
  3. Post the link on our Facebook Page
There are also plenty of resources locally and nationally where you can look for a job and post jobs. You'll find a nice list of these links on our website under the Career Resources page. Some of our favorite spots to look for and post jobs include:
If you're looking for a job nothing beats networking and building personal relationships within the community - if people know you personally you have a better chance of getting that job you want. Of course, gaining experience where you might have gaps in skills always helps too! YNPN San Diego is always looking for board and committee members who are looking to develop their skills while helping to contribute to our organization - be part of the movement!

Has a job posting led with YNPN San Diego led to your finding a job or filling a position? Share the news hear and let us know!

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