Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet Our Donor: Dan Buryj

Why do you give to YNPN San Diego? Why would you encourage others to do the same?

YNPN San Diego serves a vital role in the San Diego nonprofit community that not only serves emerging leaders but the community as a whole. YNPN San Diego connects young professionals, future leaders and organizations to share ideas, resources and provide development opportunities. This develops a more organized, better trained, entrepreneurial sector that would be better position to serve the communities needs in the coming years.

Reoccurring donations allow continued support for the organization and provides an income stream that can be relied upon. The monthly contribution minimally impacts my personal finances, though allows me to give more annually than I would be able to give in a single contribution.
What has been your favorite YNPN San Diego program?

The Next Gen ED Panel was a great Professional Development session. Listening to local leaders discussing their experiences and techniques for planning their careers, coping with setbacks, and still succeeding to become the leaders they are was inspiring. This session underscored the importance of building a true network of people in your life to support, advise, motivate, and challenge you to be all you can – and be the best leader you can.
How are you involved with the San Diego nonprofit community?

Previously I served on the YNPN San Diego advisory board and remain a strong supporter and passionate about the mission. I recently left Lux Art Institute where I served as the Deputy Director and accepted the position as Finance Director with Volunteer San Diego.

What role do you see emerging leaders (35 and younger) playing in the future of the San Diego nonprofit community?

Emerging leaders in the San Diego nonprofit community bring so much to the sector. By challenging the current standards, to implementing an entrepreneurial mindset, and bringing large amounts of energy, but most important – tons of passion – emerging leaders will continue to advance the nonprofit community’s impact and improve the quality of life in San Diego. As future leaders in the community, fine tuning skills, building networks, sharing information, sharing resources, will create a more organized, better managed, and better run sector, allowing more people to be served and progress to be made towards more causes. If we can find ways to work more closely together, it will be these leaders that make even greater impact within the community.

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