Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Charge?

Many of our members will see a change to March's professional development workshop on Nonprofit Leadership from Every Generation...a small fee. To date, YNPN San Diego has been able to keep our events and workshops free, but as we grow there is a greater need for funding. YNPN San Diego has started to charge a small fee for our workshops for the following reasons:
  • Covering costs - YNPN San Diego is like any other organization in that our programs cost money and although it is a small amount, we do need to charge for our workshops to cover our costs of conducting them.
  • Diversified funding - it is important for ANY nonprofit to have a diversity of fundinf sources to support the organization. From grants to individual donors to program fees YNPN San Diego recognizes that we need to have a variety of funding sources to sustain the organization.
  • Improved speakers/moderators - we would like to be able to bring increasingly better speakers, moderators, and panelists which often require funding to pay for their services. By raising money for these efforts we can better serve our membership!
  • Attendance - In the last year when we have offered our free workshops, we slowly had fewer and fewer people follow through with their attendance despite confirmation emails, etc. We feel that charging a nominal fee to cover our expenses will also help people to commit to their registration and attendance for the program.
There are a whole host of smaller reasons for why YNPN San Diego is now charging a small amount for our workshops and we hope you will join us in supporting these efforts. We want to continue to provide free and low-cost resources to the YNPN San Diego community as long as we can - your support both in volunteer hours and funding will make this possible. If you are interested in helping us develop our fundraising efforts, please be sure to consider joining the YNPN San Diego Fundraising Committee!

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