Sunday, June 6, 2010

Donor Spotlight: Laura Rice

1. What attracted you to YNPN and our last professional development workshop?
As a young nonprofit professional, I am always looking to expand my network and learn best practices in the field. YNPN’s mission falls directly in line with my career and goals, so I had to become a member. As one of my potential goals is to become an executive director, I was excited to see the apropos “Stepping Into the Spotlight: Next Gen Executive Director Panel” workshop offered for such a reasonable price.

2. What prompted you to give to YNPN San Diego for the first time?
YNPN is providing great services to our local nonprofit community on a shoestring budget. Having recently returned to work after a period of unemployment, I again have the means to support the organizations I value and want to be sure that YNPN can continue to broaden its reach.

3. How are you involved with the San Diego nonprofit community?
I have been involved with nonprofits in San Diego County for the past 8 years, and currently work for the American Red Cross. I also consult and am a grant writer for local nonprofits. I frequent AFP San Diego meetings and conferences that are applicable to my career and goals, and attend executive development events as an alumna of the Point Loma Nazarene University MBA program.

4. What was the most creative development workshop in which you have ever participated?
From a personal development perspective, my favorite workshop was a team building retreat I attended years ago during the beginning of my career. Being led through exercises such as the plane crash in the desert helped me to better understand my own strengths and perspectives as I learned how a team’s skills and abilities can either perform together or can oppose the work to be done.

5. How did you initially become involved in YNPN San Diego, and how do you see its programs as playing a role in the development of other young professionals?
Emily Davis shared about her work with YNPN at an AFP event last year, and I was intrigued by the organization from the start. I signed up quickly thereafter and was enthused by the creative discussion YNPN led at the workshop I attended. Creating venues for the next generation of leaders to discuss best practices and problem solve is a great way to forge personal development while enhancing the nonprofit sector.

Thank you so much to Laura Rice for being such an important donor to YNPN San Diego! If you want to share your story of donating to our organization, we want to hear from you. Email us at

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