Monday, June 28, 2010

Changing of the Guard

There are some exciting leadership changes happening here at YNPN San Diego. With the summer months upon us, YNPN San Diego is bringing in a new wave of next gen leaders to run our amazing organization. Some of these folks will be familiar to you, yet but be sure to reach out to them and learn more about them and all they do.

After two years, the executive committee at YNPN San Diego is changing hands. We couldn’t have made it anywhere without Megan Lim, Jeremiah Sacksteder, and Caitlyn McTaggart. They dedicated countless hours of time, talent, and treasure making YNPN San Diego possible in the community and growing it to the size it is now!

We are proud to welcome Jaci Feinstein (co-chair), Mariel Berry (co-chair), Joe Buehrle (Secretary), and Cynthia Skogerboe (Treasurer) into these new leadership positions. The transition process has been tremendously smooth due to the foresight and planning efforts of Jaci Feinstein and the Board Development Committee. For the past three months we have overlapped incoming and outgoing executive committee members to facilitate organizational learning and maintain organizational history. It is one of the best processes I have ever seen!

As many of you may already know, this will be my last month on the board of YNPN San Diego. I am stepping down as Chair of YNPNSD and will be replaced by Mariel and Jaci on July 1. It has been an amazing two years with the organization and two and half years in San Diego, but now I am going to return to the majestic mountains of Colorado – my home for 12 years before coming to San Diego.

None of what I have done or been involved with in San Diego would have ever been possible without YNPN San Diego, the incredible board leaders, and our members. I’m constantly amazed at the phenomenal committees and volunteers that keep YNPN San Diego running. We collaborate and partner with organizations that further our mission in the community and serve our members. We have grown to 600 members! All of our programs and membership development has been completely volunteer-run!

It is my hope that the next chapter of YNPN San Diego brings nothing but success and growth. I know that the incoming and existing leadership at YNPN San Diego will strengthen the community and prepare San Diego for embracing leaders at every age. I’m proud of all the success we have had thus far and for becoming a model for other YNPN chapters and organizations locally and nationally. Kudos to everyone who has made this possible!

Please welcome the next executive committee by leaving a note here on our blog or posting something to our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you and get any feedback you have for the next year to come!

Finally, please consider making a donation to YNPN San Diego of any size. Keep the organization moving forward and serving this community in such a meaningful way. Your contributions will personally warm my heart and let me know the impact I and this amazing team continues to make! Read more on how to donate by visiting our website.

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