Sunday, June 6, 2010

YNPN SD Tools You Can Use: The Listserv

While it may be true that many listservs out there are full of extraneous information and community requests, I can personally attest to the authenticity and value of the YNPN San Diego listserv. This daily compilation of San Diego-based events, workshops, and job announcements is different from its many contemporaries for two reasons: the quality of its content is consistently high and the worth of the postings often far outpaces the initial effort required to follow up on a given lead.

With a membership base of nearly 600 nonprofit professionals hailing from organizations that specialize in areas ranging from human rights to business development to community services, I have observed over time that YNPNSD listserv notices consistently cover a wide interest area while still maintaining the ability to captivate an equally diverse audience. Joining the listserv is easy; all you have to do is be a YNPNSD member. Visit the YNPN San Diego website to complete a membership form - it's easy! Read how you can modify your subscription on the YNPN San Diego website as well as learn about the listserv guidelines and policies. Being a contributor to the listserv is what helps to maintain and increase its relevancy among users. It is also a great way to bring greater reach and/or leverage to your organization. It's easy to use the listserv as a member - simply send your email to!

In gauging listserv relevancy, I considered several factors: daily interest level (“significance”), user interaction, and payout. From conversations I have held with people both inside and out of the YNPNSD circles, the events, workshops, and jobs posted to the listserv are noteworthy in that they are all directly related to furthering nonprofit leadership in our community. If San Diego is a microcosm of the world, then this listserv is an excellent way to get a sampling. Since there are so many community contributors—including those who have just heard of its reach, and are starting to learn more about the organization—the listserv is a means for capable individuals to represent themselves as the community-minded and motivated people they are to in turn exemplify the organizational membership.

Payout is measured by only one means—results. One particular case study comes to mind when I think of listserv results: Vietca Do, a member of the YNPNSD’s Member Relations and Meet & Greet communities, found her calling via YNPNSD tools. Two years out of college and with all the prospects of the world before her, Vietca was caught in the troubled times of an economic recession. Still, she remained enthusiastically involved in her community commitments—she now maintains the official Facebook page --and one day found a job lead. Her YNPNSD experience had both helped to build her skill set and increase community connections, resulting in a hire.

The listserv is but one facet in the YNPNSD toolbox, so I encourage you to start learning more about member benefits. Next month I will be back with another post, so follow our blog if you're a fan. After all, if the opportunities to improve yourself and your community are endless, then the chance to be a part of a movement is just beginning.

- Danielle Reyes-Acosta, YNPN San Diego Member Relations Committee Member

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