Sunday, April 26, 2009

YNPN 09: Being Thankful

From Heather Carpenter at Nonprofit Leadership 601...

The theme of the last session of the YNPN leaders conference was inspiration and gratitude. Chapter leaders from Chicago, NY, Twin Cities, DC, Denver, San Diego, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Cleveland, Austin, San Francisco, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Louisville and Phoenix shared their favorite moments of the conference and what they planned to take back to their chapters.

Take Backs:
  • Document more
  • Implement best practices
  • Brand who they are
  • Revise Current Board Structures
  • Add Advocacy voice element
  • Share best practices and data
  • Lengthen leadership pipeline
  • Plan a purposeful path
  • Bring Next generation advocacy issues to the local level
  • Promote voice in the local media
  • Keep momentum going
  • Get Imodules (new website) up and running
  • Refine mission and vision
Also, there was general appreciation in the room for the conference allowing them to:
  • Learn from other chapters about communication and marketing
  • Reconnect with the national board
  • Participate in discussions at the national level
  • Find out what the national board is doing
  • Learn and find out new things
  • Strengthen Chapter
  • Be Inspired
  • Receive Great information
I was also inspired to be a better leader and I was thankful to be in a room with all these amazing emerging leaders.

Here are a few of my peeps who also blogged about the YNPN Leaders Conference.

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