Saturday, April 25, 2009

YNPN 09: Ready for Day 2

I'm just getting the second morning started at the YNPN Leaders Conference with my coffee and oatmeal and am all ready for another exciting day. Day 1 was amazing and was no small feat to organize by the national and DC crowd. If you want to see how to organize a fantastic conference, gather some of the best minds in emerging leaders, and make it all happen with a smile and some fun - you've come to the right place.

Yesterday's speakers were fantastic. YNPN hosted everyone from Diana Aviv (President and CEO of Independent Sector) to Rick Cohen (National Council of Nonprofits) to Alexis Terry (BoardSource) to Frances Kunreuther (Building Movement Project - and one of my personal heros). Richard L Moyers praised YNPN for its amazing work and said that the $5000 the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation donated was the best $5000 they ever spent.

YNPN members ARE The future of this sector...we are creative, bold, entrepreneurial and worth every dollar donated and spent on resources like professional development and mentorship.

Day 2 promises to be another fun-filled and action-packed day. I'll be blogging and tweeting (ynpnsandiego) in the morning and then speaking at all three break out sessions this afternoon (yikes!). Here's what you can find this morning and where I'll be in the afternoon...
  • Plenary session for YNPN National - great to see what national has been up to and how it will be planning to help support local chapters.
  • YNPN in the media - very interested to learn more about national's plans and how we can replicate that at the local level.
  • iModules Best Practices Panel (I'm a panelist)- This workshop will review YNPN's progess with iModules from launching the site last summer to where we are today.
  • Using Consensus Organizing to Create a Community Centered Chapter (Heather Carpenter and I will present) - this workshop will discuss the consensus organizing approach one board member and on outside representative took to assist the YNPN San Diego board in creating a community-centered organization that meets the needs and desires of its members.
  • Social Media as an Outreach and Fundraising Tool (I'm the presenter) - Use the power of online networking is the present and future of outreach and communications. Learn specific strategies to design an online outreach plan as well as solicit funds from individual through this session.
Look for me today and congrats to national and DC for a great and successful first day! Thanks to all the bloggers and tweeters too!

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