Sunday, April 26, 2009

YNPN 09: Best Practices Every Leader Should Follow

From Heather Carpenter at Nonprofit Leadership 601...

Wow -- let me say that again -- Wow!! I just attended a session led by YNPN DC and I'm impressed. YNPN DC board members shared their best practices they use in their chapter that I think ALL Nonprofits should follow.

They have best practices for EVERYTHING, here's a taster:
  • Procedure manuals for events
  • Shared internal docs
  • Integrated google e-mails
  • An Email schedule (e.g. the 15th of the month they send out the newsletter)
  • Tracking of Email click rates & open rates
  • Program calendar (they set program dates months in advance).
  • Consistent messaging
  • Volunteer contributors to the newsletter that provide enriching stories.
Since I have an operations background I was eating this up, because these best practices make YNPN DC more efficent and effective!!

My all time favorite best practice was they have TALKING POINTS for everything. Since YNPN is a volunteer run organization, this is especially important and helps strengthen YNPN's message in the community.

The board also shared their planning for the future and exploration of a certification in nonprofit management for their members.

YNPN San Diego will definately use some of DC's best practices in the future!! I hope other nonprofits will too.

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