Sunday, April 26, 2009

YNPN 09: Leaders Conference Closing

I sat down to write one of my final blog posts for the YNPN Leaders Conference and then saw how great Heather Carpenter's posts have been and decided to share hers instead....our thoughts and feeling on her last two blog posts are essentially the same anyway. :) Watch for upcoming re-posts from Heather here and on the YNPN San Diego blog. Be sure to check Heather out on her Nonprofit Leadership 601 blog of course.

I will say this...AMAZING! The conference was fantastic. I've never seen a group organize and execute so well on such a small budget and with so many volunteer resources. I am not surprised that it was YNPN San Diego who was able to accomplish this though since they are such a unique group of nonprofit activists.

I loved all the connections I made with some new folks; making face-to-face contact with people I know only through their email personalities; and reconnecting with so many old friends from Denver YNPN. It truly was a gift to be here with this fantastic group.

I'm certainly hoping to be back next year and planning on joining one of the national committees, perhaps the committee executing best practices, and becoming more engaged as time allows. I want to also thank all the folks who participated in the sessions I co/facilitated (social media, strategic alliances, and iModules). I had a great time with all of you and hope you found the information useful. I truly enjoyed serving as a guest blogger and tweeter (not a tweeker) and hope that I can help to serve that role again at other conferences.

Keep in touch and keep the movement strong to inspire, retain, recruit, and develop emerging leaders as a source of a healthy and vibrant nonprofit community!

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